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Quarter Turn Right

Quarter Turn Back

Quarter Turn Right

Quarter Turn Front 

Open Hands above head pose front 

Open Hands above head pose back 


Front stance is hands on or off the hip. 


Side poses can have the hands on or off the hip and the legs straight in an elegant stance, waist to be twisted toward the judges to show the taper from the waist to the shoulder. 


The rear pose should be directly opposite to the front pose, hands can be on or off the hip, lat spread and stand upright, not bent over, the hair away from your back so the judges can see your waist to shoulder taper. 


Note: hands should not be held in the “teapot stance” 


The judge first assesses the overall athletic appearance of the physique. 


This assessment begins at the head and extend downwards, taking the whole physique into account. 


The assessment, beginning with a general impression of the physique, takes into consideration the hair and facial beauty; the overall athletic development of the musculature; the presentation of a balanced, symmetrically developed physique; the condition of the skin and the skin tone; and the athlete’s ability to present herself with confidence, poise, and grace. 

The physique is assessed as to its level of overall muscle tone, achieved through athletic endeavours. 


The muscle groups should have a round and firm appearance with a small amount of body fat. The physique should neither be excessively muscular nor excessively lean and should be free from deep muscle separation and/or striations. Physiques that are considered either too muscular or too lean must be marked last.

The assessment also takes into consideration the tightness and tone of the skin. The skin tone should be smooth and healthy in appearance, and without cellulite. 


The face, hair and makeup should complement the “Total Package” presented by the athlete. 

The judge’s assessment of the athlete’s physique should include the athlete’s entire presentation, from the moment she walks onstage until the moment she walks offstage. At all times, the body fitness/figure competitor must be viewed with the emphasis on a “healthy, fit, athletic” physique, in an attractively presented “Total Package”. 


The competitor should walk from the side of the stage to the centre back of the stage and have one pose and then walk directly to the centre of the stage in front of the judges and do the 4 quarter turns with smooth transition in an elegant manner.   You may also raise both arms above your head hitting double bicep pose with open hands. 


The bikini can be of any colour and material.  It should enhance the physique and compliment the skin tone.  The bottoms should cover some of the glutes and all the front area. 

You may choose connectors on top and bottoms or have material on both or a mixture.  i.e., connectors on the top and material on the bottoms.  This is your choice to suit your physique. 

You can choose any shape/style bra top, again, to enhance your shape/physique. 


You may choose to have a small platform or no platform, heels can be any height.


Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or bangles can be worn but no body paint/sparkles. 

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