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To enter the show, you must have paid a yearly fee of £25 for your membership. Make sure your payment is up to date before entering.



    • All athletes, with no exception, MUST BE a member of the GBA & pay the show registration fee before any participation on stage.


    • It is the competing athletes’ responsibility to make themselves aware of all relevant competition rules & adhere to them.


    • There will be no refund after payment transaction has been completed.


    • No refund if competitors can’t attend the event they have entered.


    • NO TRANSFER to other events after entering.


    • All photos and filming footage taken of competitors at any GBA shows belong to GBA. GBA has all the rights to use any photos of athletes for promotional use without the consent of the athlete.


    • Athletes do not have the right to ask GBA to remove any photos taken at any GBA events from the GBA website or from any other GBA promotional advertising.


    • Entry on the day of the show will be more expensive – so best to register before the event at


    • All athletes must be on time to go on stage for their category. Any late athletes will be disqualified. It is the athletes' responsibility to know when they are to be on stage, in what category and in what running order. Running order will be posted in the backstage area and backstage staff will be there to assist.


    • Any athletes seen making a mess with tans and marking the venue's property will be disqualified without a refund. Please be careful with all tans and make sure not to get any tan on the venue's seats, carpets, walls, etc.


    • Due to the high number of entries, there is a maximum number of people allowed backstage. Each venue is different, and we will announce whether athletes are allowed to bring any coaches, or family members backstage during the competitor briefing.


    • Feedback will be given after the day of contest and once all the judges feedback has been gathered and processed. We will announce on social media giving an email address to receive feedback on request. 


    • Any age relative class will require the athlete to produce ID at registration.


    • The minimum age to compete in any GBA event is 16 years old.


    • All qualifying shows will operate as a run-through event. Athletes will go on stage, participate & then receive placings, trophies, invitations, etc.


    • No background music shall include swear words, blasphemy or promote violence or racial hatred. In any instances of this happening the music will be stopped.

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